Why Measurements Are Important When Ordering From Us?

How many times have you heard, we are all shaped differently. This statement can not be anymore true when shopping for fajas, waist cinchers and any post-op supplies that are worn. My size 12 and your size 12 may not be carried the same. We all carry weight differently some of us carry it on our butts and hips while others on there stomach. For that reason our measurements will result differently even if we are both a "size 12". I can't stress enough how important it is to shop based off your waist and hip measurements. Invest in a tape measure it will come in handy while you're undergoing this plastic surgery journey.


  • How do you For the 360 Lipo foam . It says to measure your waist do you measure it on the smallest part or around the belly button? I seem to be pretty small above the bellybutton. But Iā€™m a few inches bigger around the belly button and the low
    29 above 30 around bellybutton 32 below bellybutton

  • I want to know if la faja comes by size??

    Xiomara Perez
  • I would like to order a stage 2 faja for after surgery how will I know what size to get after surgery??

  • Hello, I wanted to purchase a stage 1 faja but with no compression to my hips or thighs and of course my butt cause I will be adding fat to those areas do you have any or recommend any?

  • Hi guys ! I am almost 2 weeks post bbl / 360 lipo and would like to order the 0714 faja . I did watch your video on how to measure ( thank you !). So I should simply include all the measurements in the note to seller section when I am checking out ?

    Judy Messer

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