Waist Training Too Soon

Denise Gonzalez-Ramos

⚠️Waist Training⚠️
🔹️Pre-Op Waist Training🔹️
•While we all want to shrink our waist as tiny as possible we should always be aware of the pros and cons. If you've never had surgery be cautious using a waist trainer while sitting for an extended period of time. It could lead to constricting blood circulation varicose veins, and cellulite.
•A waist trainer is great to use to the gym or to train your waist for no more then 8 hours a day.
•It should never be used to sleep.
• • •
🔹️Post-Op Waist Training🔹️
•Avoid waist training for at least 3-6 months post-op, depending on your procedure(s). It could lead to creasing or denting of your mid abdomen. Your skin is fragile and sensitive prone to burns from the waist trainer latex.
•Uneven compression can lead to protruding upper abdomen and create a lower pouch as well as lead to seromas.
•Remember early post-op your body easily molds its clay like and fragile.

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