Seroma is a collection of lymph fluid that develops under the surface of the skin following a surgical procedure such as a Tummy Tuck(most common) or liposuction. Seroma sufferers generally experience swelling, inflammation, tenderness, and bruising roughly 7 – 10 days after their surgical drains have been removed.

*Seroma Treatment*
✔Drainage — The fluid through a syringe. Some may require multiple drainage procedures
✔Punctures (Fine-Needle Aspiration) — By creating several individual fine-needle punctures in the seroma, the doctor is able to remove up to 500 milliliters of fluid. This is a good option for those with larger seroma.
✔Surgical Removal — In instances where the seroma returns despite regular draining and other treatments, doctors may recommend removing the seroma through surgery.
✔Natural Healing — In cases of small and non-persistent seromas, doctors may suggest that the patient allow the site to heal itself naturally. In many cases, the body will absorb the fluid on its own.

*Seroma Prevention*
The best way to prevent seroma is to ✔choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with several years of experience, while this won't guarantee you'll be seroma free it'll lessen your chances.
✔Compression garment/Faja use is essential to improve fluid flow.

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