Realistic Expectations after Cosmetic Surgery

Realistic Expectations after Cosmetic Surgery
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For some odd reason many are under the impression you're going to wake up from anesthesia and jump off the table snatched looking like Kim K. Reality is you'll wake up sore, uncomfortable and most likely in pain! You might notice some curves and a flatter tummy but that is short lived.
🔹️Once the swelling and inflammation kicks in you'll most likely look much bigger then before going into surgery.
🔹️If you're an XL you will not wake up an XS, Yes I said it. At least 5 of the 20 DMs I recieve a day is someone who thinks cosmetic surgery is a magical wand with immediate results.
🔹️There's a Healing Process
Yes your waist will shrink but there's a process. Compression is truly KEY! It helps control the swelling and also helps shape your body.
🔹️Don't Compare Yourself
Stop comparing your results. The way someone comes off the table after multiple rounds will NOT compare to you coming off the table after round 1. Round 1 in many cases is like "creating the foundation" subsequent rounds is more of "sculpting and perfecting your desired final results"
🔹️Whether you're only going for 1 round or several rounds have realistic expectations and realistic goals of bodies similar to your own.

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  • Urgent : Message for Denise ,
    Hello I was referred to you by Kim Frazier , and I DESPERATELY need a stage 3 faja . I am 23 weeks post op and have had no compression recently . My stage 2 faja is to loose and no one in my city tightens them . Can you please send me examples of all your stage 3 fajas ……
    how long is this process once you receive my measurements ? I live in Vancouver, Canada , what is the expected delivery time ?


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