Fat Necrosis

BBL Fat Necrosis is the death of fat occurs when the transferred fat fails to establish a good blood supply in the transferred area of the buttocks. When large volume of fat is transferred to one area, fat grafting technique, excessive swelling and/or pressure on the fat can all lead to necrose. Typically fat cells are reabsorbed by the body but in some cases the dead fat cells don't reabsorb turning in to lumps/nodules. The BBL Fat Necrosis can be present but not noticeable until touched. They can present no symptoms of discomfort but sometimes can be painful.
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If you're experiencing BBL Fat Necrosis with no complication you can do nothing and leave it alone. It can be reabsorbed by the body within the first year post-op. In other cases you can massage to soften the appearance in some cases they disappear (but can return)
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You can have BBL Fat Necrosis and have no issues but if redness, tenderness and warm to the touch begin to develop, most likely the area has become infected. If an infection develops it'll require surgical removal where aspiration or drainage of the site are required.
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