Mistakes After Surgery

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🔹️Compression Too Soon🔹️
•There is a reason there are stages among faja/compression garment use (Stage 1-3). It's important to listen to your body not everyone heals the same or transitions through recovery the same. Be mindful of how soon is too soon to add waist trainers, or how soon you overwhelm your body with boards and lipofoams. Smaller compression garment isn't always better. I see women with the compression garment creasing and cutting into the sides this is not what you want happening. The creasing can cause permanent damage.

🔹️Planning for Post-Op Care🔹️
•I've said before and I'll say it again if you only have money for surgery then you are not prepared for surgery. You should have a plan and appointments scheduled with a masseuse prior to surgery. Plan for $1,000-$1,500 of additional expense for massages, treatments, garments and supplies. 10-12 back to back massages followed by 10 massages with a 1-2 days in between is recommended.

🔹️Not Using a Faja/Compression Garment🔹️
•Your body after liposuction is like clay, not only does your faja help mold and shape your body but it aids to fluid dispensing. Fluid that builds up can lead to complication like seromas or fibrosis. The compression helps the skin retract back to the muscle. A minimum of 3 months use is recommended, however 6 to 12 months is ideal.

🔹️Not Following your Surgeons Instructions🔹️
•It's important to adhere to your surgeon regardless of what "everyone else" is doing. If you are recommended to wait a certain period of time for massages, or are recommended a medication list following his or her instruction is crucial. Your surgeon is the expert there is a reason why you chose them.

🔹️Follow Your Intuition🔹️
•If something doesn't feel right or seen right with your body, seek professional help. The fear that something maybe wrong could restrain us from seeking help, however catching things early can literally save your life.


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    Amanda Mendoza
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  • I just had surgery and i have a shaped curvey stage 1 faja size small but its to tight on my butt area and its leaving a line on my new butt any recommendations???

    Berenice Paniagua

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    Sadie Cook

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