Curvas 360 Lipo Foam

$45.00 $50.00

Our Curvas 360 Lipo Foam has been designed to offer even compression all around, control post-op swelling, and avoid  post-op fluid accumulation. Our 360 foam is made of high quality products. Medical grade foam covered with 100% organic cotton. The special design has a 3 level hidden velcro closure in the back for ease and comfort.

*If your waist measurement is at the lowest number of the size category, for best for size down. For example if your waist is 27" size down to XS.

Vertical length: 10" inches

•  •  •

Curvas 360 Foam size below:

XSmall waist size: 24"-28"

Small waist size: 27"-32"

Medium waist size: 32"-37"

Large waist size: 37"-41"


Can be machine washed in "delicate setting", best if air dried. Machine dry only if in "delicate setting". 

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